How to Protect Your Outdoor Sofa (3 Ways)

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Who does not love to spend time in the backyard after a tiring day at work? A relaxing moment it sure will be! A lot of people love to spend their time being outside, sitting on their outdoor sofa to unwind from a hectic day. Not to mention, spending the night with their loved ones. That’s why getting outdoor sofa sets somehow feels like a must as an ‘investment’ to help setting an enjoyable place to unwind.

As you have already known, a plethora of options are available to pick from. One of those sofa sets available on our current market is wicker sofas. Made from interwoven wood, these sofas are made by combining drops of aesthetically pleasing woven wood and an underlying reason to make the sofa construction sturdy enough as your patio sofas.

How to Protect Your Wooden Outdoor Sofa

Talking about wicker sofas, rattan wicker sofas are one amongst those prominent as budget-friendly option of sofa. It is not only safe enough for the wallet, but wicker furniture also tends to have greater strength to survive years to come. However, even though you got strong and durable sofas, you will still have to maintain it. Here are several tips to protect your wooden outdoor sofa.

Coating the Sofa with Waterproof Polish

For outdoor sofas, having them polished with a waterproof polish is an inseparable need. Therefore, before purchasing your furniture, it is advised to make sure whether the sofa has been polished with waterproof polish or not. This is because of the placement of the sofa itself. Outdoor sofa is prone to extreme heat, moisture, and rain – all of which are very damaging for the wood. Well, water and heat can degrade the quality of the wood, but water can damage relatively faster than heat.

In case your furniture does not have a waterproof coating, you can purchase the polish in your local hardware stores easily. Then, have it painted over your furniture to protect it from water (and dampness as well). By giving your sofa proper coating, you can put aside the risk of getting mold covering your sofa too.

Drying the Wooden Sofa

Drying your wooden sofa immediately after it gets drenched is also crucial to keep the sofa nice. You know, water can easily seep into the wood especially when your furniture waterproof coating isn’t on. Hence, it’s why the need of drying your wooden sofa is pivotal to keep the product safe from water-induced damage.

Aside from drying it promptly after rain/snow, you should check for the morning dew as well. Although the amount of water is relatively lower in such condition, if it gets wet for too long, such moisture can seep in and damage your outdoor sofa as well.

Be Aware of the Pests’ Danger as Well

Not only water and weather, pests may damage your sofa as well. Termites are one of the prominent creatures that may destroy your sofa or other furniture. Making small ‘port d’entry’ in your furniture wood is a simple work for them, so it can destroy your furniture, especially wicker sofa once you didn’t do anything to prevent such invasion.

There is furniture that has been treated with chemicals to repel termites. Oftentimes, sellers do not mention it, so you may need to ask them about it. Another alternative is to purchase a spray product to omit these small, destroying creatures. Spray the product on your sofa on a routine basis to prevent termite attacks in the future.

Those are three tricks to protect your outdoor furniture from environmental damage like water and pests’ attacks. If you decide on getting a rattan wicker sofa for your outdoor patio, it can be such a great investment, especially for the purpose of relaxing after your long day at work. You can even have it as your outdoor not-far-from-home ‘atoll’ to flee away from spending hours on boring indoor situations.

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