The Benefits of Teak Wood Furniture: It’s Not Only about Strength and Durability!

Teak Wood Forest in Indonesia

Many people have already known the quality of teak wood furniture, but little do they know the benefits of having one. Understanding the benefits of teak wood can help us to easily select what kind of teak wood furniture we want from the supplier.

Benefits Teak Wood Furniture

Knowing More about Teak Wood

Teak wood, which botanical name is Tectona grandis, is not a new type of wood known to us. It has been long used as the material of furniture, thanks to its decent strength, durability, and resistance towards heat, water, and moisture. As a result, furniture made from this type of wood is often considered as high in price. The statement is reasonable, though, knowing that the mere material itself is already expensive.

Tectona grandis, which is part of Lamiaceae, is easily found in countries whose climate type is tropical. The plant is a native of Asia, mostly spread in tropical countries like in south and Southeast Asia. Several countries that are known to be the massive teak wood producer within these regions are India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and lastly, Bangladesh.

The height of this tree can reach almost 40 meters, making it so gigantic and rarely be found near people’s houses. Its white flowers are small yet fragrant; definitely in contrast with the leaves of the tree. The leaves are huge, have hairy underside, and have this paper-like feel.

Talking about the log itself, once cut horizontally, the layers can be distinguished due to its color difference. The log’s centermost part (the heartwood) is colored yellow but will be darker as it grows older. The sapwood, situated a bit outer, is white to pale yellow in color; but sometimes light shade of brown interferes as well.

Its sturdy woods are processed into copious things, such as furniture, exterior construction, boats, and even bedroom furniture, like beds or wardrobes. Using teak wood as veneer is also doable.

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Teak Wood Gradings

Uniquely, teak wood has gradings to classify its quality. The underlying aspect of this grading is the strength quality of the wood. The stronger the wood, the higher category it will have.

Grade A Teak

The specialty of this A-grade teak wood is that the timber is very mature, especially in the heartwood part. It can be proven with the color of its heartwood which is golden-brown, the darkest color of teak heartwood can be. Thanks to the natural oil produced by the wood itself, it feels a bit oily to touch and the surface will seem to be glossy.

Interestingly, the natural oil is the wood’s protector from insect’s attack and extreme weather. Moreover, with tight grains to complement, the A-grade teak wood is durable even if the furniture is placed outdoor.

Grade B Teak

As you might have guessed, teak wood with this grade is less expensive than the previous grade. Although from afar it still looks good, when you take a closer look, it will be evident that the grains are less even, the heartwood color is lighter, and the oil amount is less than that in grade A. That’s why the look isn’t as shiny as A-grade teak wood. However, furniture that used teak with this grade can still withstand outdoor extreme conditions, but special treatments are needed.

Grade C Teak

Compared to A and B grade teak, C-grade teak is way inferior from the others. The price of C-grade teak furniture is significantly lower, but that doesn’t mean you can simply pick this up due to its price. Well, the lower price means the lower quality the teak has. For export purpose, this grade is not recommended.

The C-grade teak has far less natural oil produced on its timber; therefore, the risk of extreme weather and insect attacks are way higher in this grade. Aside from that, the wood has less density compared to A and B grade, which may result in easily damaged furniture – have it been made as furniture.

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The Advantages of Teak Wood for Furniture

teak wood furniture
teak wood furniture

Purchasing furniture needs many considerations beforehand. No one wants flimsy furniture for their living room; let alone a feeble bed for their sleeping experiences. That’s why people will look for furniture whose materials are long-lasting and strong.

Listed below are the benefits of having teak wood furniture:

Sturdy and Long-lasting

Furniture made from teak wood has these characteristics which is why it makes them popular amongst furniture seeker. Even without any special treatment with oil/varnish, teak wood furniture will be able to survive years to come. You can even have it as outdoor furniture without worrying!

Extreme weather resistant

Not only it is sturdy and long-lasting, furniture from teak wood is known to be resistant to extreme weather conditions. To be exact, teak wood has this feature of water resistant and heat resistant; hence making this kind of wood survive even though it is exposed to extreme hot or cold weather.


Thanks for its natural oil, no need to worry about having your furniture be bothered by some pests. With an addition of silica, teak wood is not an ally for mildew, fungi, stains, and any rotting agents possible. Hence, you can put that worry away when you decide to put your teak furniture in outdoor spaces.

Beautiful color

This one is undeniably another aspect people are looking from furniture. People love teak wood for its natural brown color. Some others hunt for teak furniture for its grains and texture. Whatever the reason is, teak wood is an elegant choice to pick as your furniture material.

Easily found in Indonesia

Indonesian government through PT. Perhutani managed to be one of the largest teak wood producers in the country. With controlled quality, buyers will be benefitted to have the high-quality furniture for their homes/offices/businesses.

Jepara finest furniture

Jepara is not just a city in Central Java; it is renowned for being a city that has many furniture manufacturers for both local and foreign market. Related to teak wood, Jepara artisans produce much teak furniture as well. Finest craftsmanship combined with excellent material quality? No need to question more about the end-products!

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Teak wood furniture is indeed more expensive than other wood furniture. But for a long-term use, it’s no need to compromise. Moreover, with its beautifulness and elegant looks, the paid price is worth every buck.

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