Sustainability Sourced

Teak Wood Forest in Indonesia

We care about the environment and that’s why we’re proud manufacturers of sustainable furniture, quality, safety. We source our teak from the sustainable plantations of Perum Perhutani on the island of Java.

Having a standard upon a product will ensure it has met all the quality, safety, and sustainability, which is exactly what the SVLK is for. SVLK is the legal furniture industry certification that applies in Indonesia.

It is meant to give assurance that the furniture that manufactured in the production place with certification offer high quality products commercially without neglecting its value and longevity. Here’s what you need to know about SVLK, information that may be useful if you’re planning to buy furniture pieces there.


SVLK is the main key in entering the international wood furniture market. It’s certified that the manufacturer production use environmentally and friendly raw material which is managed by Indonesian government. This also means that all of Mutiara’s products come from legal sources and all our export will be accompanied by V-Legal document.


By choosing FSC teak furniture, you will support sustainable forest management. In other word, you will promotes biodiversity and protects the forests for the future generations. You will helps alleviate poverty and contributes to economic development of both the producer and your own country.

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