What Is Teak Wood and What’s Actually So Great About It?

Teak Wood Forest in Indonesia

Teak wood is one of the many hard wood types. This wood comes from tree species ‘Tectona Grandis’, which is common to be found in South East and South East Asia countries, such as India, Burma, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, it’s more known as ‘Jati’. The tree itself can grow up as high as 35 meter, easily identifiable by its extremely short twigs and huge, broad, and round leaves.

What is Teak Wood?

For the world, teak wood is not a strange material anymore. It is highly utilized in furniture, ship construction, and building construction industries. It is a favorable type of wood due to its quality and property, such as being resistant and durable. Its resistance against hot weather and high humidity has been proven, as it thrives well on tropical countries such as Indonesia and Burma. On top of that, it has great resilience to water and pest elements.

What tree does teak come from?

Teak or Tectona grandis is a tall tree growing up to 50 metres and living for 100 years, teak is coveted for its attractive colour and grain, durability, strength, resistance to splitting, cracking, termites, fungus and weathering. And easily found in south and southeast Asia.

Is teak durable?

As a hard wood, teak has great strength to withstand extreme temperatures as well. This quality makes it ideal to use as material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. The durability means that the teak wood based furniture has very low chance to rot or experience common problems that may be found in other types of wood. With the right manufacturing process and good raw wood material resources, it may turn into a beautiful furniture piece that adds functional and visual aspect to your home.

teak wood furniture
teak wood furniture

Dive deeper into teak wood history, history has it that the wood was first utilized during fourth century where civilization across the world realized many of its benefits. They had knowledge this wood has highly durable and resistance properties to prevent warping, rotting, and pest infections. Therefore, it was often used during middle age centuries for shipbuilding.

Moreover, this wood type has unique character to avoid corrosion and rust for the metal that has direct contact with it. There are numerous of outdoor teakwood chairs across the globe nowadays that are actually recycled from old ship decks.

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About Teak Wood

In Indonesia, teak wood has gained popularity as a highly expensive material, mainly due to the fact that it has slow growth rate and ideally harvested at minimum 20 age years old.

Why Teak Wood so Great?

The trees have been cultivated and developed for decades by Indonesian government, or in 1930s to be exact. Its plantations and distributions are regulated by official agency of Indonesian government. The high price is expected to increase as years go by, due to the high demand and decreasing numbers or resources.

Is teak garden furniture durable?

The above reasons are why teak wood material are common to be found in various outdoor construction, such as patio or decks in this age without out ruling the probability of using it for indoor furniture. It’s a type of wood that can complement various rooms perfectly.

In general, teak wood is more preferable to be used for outdoor furniture because it holds itself well against extreme weather outside. The teak wood processed products have ability to survive not only for years, but hundreds of years as well. It should be easy to find the furniture with this material in global market, with the benefit of durability and low maintenance for its owner.

Does teak age?

Teak wood makes a perfect choice if you want wooden furniture that has stunning color that won’t be reduced over the years. The color turns elegantly as the wood ages up, starting from light or medium toned brown from its early years to light gray or silver color, provided itself in streaks pattern first after being under particular weather conditions for four to five months. However, this may also depend on the climate and weather condition in your living area.

Sturdy and Long-lasting

Furniture made from teak wood has these characteristics which is why it makes them popular amongst furniture seeker. Even without any special treatment with oil/varnish, teak wood furniture will be able to survive years to come. You can even have it as outdoor furniture without worrying!

Is teak wood water-resistant?

Not only it is sturdy and long-lasting, furniture from teak wood is known to be resistant to extreme weather conditions. To be exact, teak wood has this feature of water resistant and heat resistant; hence making this kind of wood survive even though it is exposed to extreme hot or cold weather.

Why There Should Be SVLK

This verification system of legality has purpose to assure that all the wood products that’s being produced, distributed, and traded from or inside Indonesia have true legality status. If you are a consumer from overseas, you may use it as a guide to endure the legality of timber upon the furniture that you are purchasing. The furniture industry believes that having legality certification over their raw material resources will make it easier to convince buyers from abroad.

SVLK is also a part of Indonesia government’s commitment to fight against illegal wood logging and trading. It is invented to support the sustainable forest management. Besides, having the legality certification is required in global markets, especially in United States, European Union countries, Australia, and Japan. It can be considered as equal to timber legal certification schemes such as PEFC, FSC, etc., from other countries.

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni owned legal V wood Brief Explanation of What is SVLK and Its Benefits

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