Benefits, Considerations, and Tips to Buy Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia

Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia

For some people, searching for furniture according to their preference is an easy matter, while for others it may be a burdensome experience. If you are included in the latter category, it can be helped by gathering all the required information that can guide you on the furnishing pursuits. It is what the following passage below aims for, especially for Indonesian furniture market.

There are plenty of benefits of buying wholesale item. It can turn into good alternative when purchasing from retail shop appears to be a less desired option. Read about the benefits and what to consider before you opt for this choice.

Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia

Various Advantages of Purchasing Furniture from Indonesian Wholesale

Broad range of furniture options

If you are a type of person who likes to have wide options when it comes to choosing products, then purchasing item from wholesaler will be worth to try. Take as much as you need and have, to dive through the furniture suppliers that provide unique style of furnishing that may not yet to be available in market.

Customized design possibility

Unlike retailer, wholesaler offers more freedom to customize your furniture. There’s more chance to ask for personalized size or shape – all while still staying at affordable price range. There is not much options if you choose to buy at retail store, where each furniture piece is counted for individual profit.

Lower capital costs for business

For those of you who are looking for furniture in ample amount, whether as distributor or as business owner, then it’s highly recommended to look for the items from wholesale suppliers. This is generally seen as the best financial decision to cut down the cost of inventory goods.

Time-efficient shopping

Focusing to purchase various kinds of furniture on one supplier will save you so much time instead of looking around for many shops. You can easily browse on one catalog only to find items to purchase with the guide of the wholesaler.

Extensive types of furniture

The market’s taste is often moving with the trend, but usually you’d be able to spot unique characteristic of furnishing that produced by certain country. For example, the characteristics might be related to the shape, color choices, and material that widely available within a country.

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What to Consider Before You Choose to Purchase Furniture from Indonesian Wholesale

It is important to find and buy furniture that matches with your personal preferences, or the brand of your business. Here are several considerations to read prior to making decisions:


The shape and size of furniture determine how they fit into a space. Your choice of furniture must provide some movement area. The design affects how the space is arranged visual-wise, to create more spacious room.


Most of the times, price is one of the most important considerations when people want to purchase things. It has been a general knowledge that buying item from wholesaler will provide you with broader price range and typically more affordable.


Durability of a product is determined by its quality. Obviously, people would prefer products that can last them for a considerable amount of time. It is especially true with furniture, which is a large piece of item and generally is not easily disposable.

Color, pattern, and texture

You want furniture that fits well into the theme of your house decoration. Balancing between the color, pattern, and texture is the key to achieve a good design. There are plenty of options you may choose from furniture wholesaler related to the visual aspect.

Material type

There are a lot of material choices furniture can be made of. Wooden is probably the most popular material to work with because various good qualities it has such as easy maintenance. Other examples would be plastic, rattan, and aluminum.

Additional features

Extra features are what make a furnishing special. These can come in a form of multifunction or added functionality. As a buyer, you may choose the feature that caters into your specific needs, such as sofa with reclined back.

Several Tips When You’re About to Buy Furniture from Indonesian Wholesale

Get the know the material

As it has been mentioned in prior, wood is the most common material type to be used in Indonesia furniture. That’s why it might be worth to do mini research about the characteristics of most commonly used wood type in the country, like teak.

Pay attention to the quality

Do a thorough observation of furniture that you’re about to buy. This effort may give assurance that you have chosen item without any defection.

Figure out the construction

The high quality furniture has good base construction. It is supposed to give support with certain weight steadily, including in each of its nook and corner.

Read Mutiara Jepara Indofurni, a Trusted and Experienced Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Furniture Wholesale Collection from Mutiara Jepara Indofurni

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni provides high quality wholesale furniture for customers across the world. You can find outdoor furnishing to purchase here.

The primary material that commonly used by the manufacturer is teak wood. It’s also possible to find environmentally-friendly furnishing from reclaimed and recycled material. Here, there is a wide range of furniture with various styles to match with your home decoration design, especially for classic and modern styles.

Outdoor furniture from teak material

The wholesale store provides a collection that comprised of various outdoor furnishings. Again, the primary type of used material is teak wood, which is obtained legally with SLVK certification and license from PT Perhutani.

Indonesian furniture wholesaler has a great range of furniture options with great quality and high level of craftsmanship. If you are looking forward to buy wholesale furniture and want the best deal possible, don’t be hesitant to contact Mutiara Jepara Indofurni. You can get customized furniture and export them in simple and easy way.

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